Sensible Diagnostics

10 minute point-of-care PCR that makes sense

A spin-out of Curative, Inc.

Sensible's technology was built based on 2+ years of experience performing over 2 million molecular point-of-care tests in the field while a part of Curative. Sensible's team not only brings decades of industry experience, but also hands-on pandemic experience.

We think point-of-care PCR should make sense.

Sensible's point-of-care PCR platform combines speed and cost-effectiveness to make it an easy drop-in replacement for current antigen testing workflows. With a 10 minute run-time and with prices starting at $15 per test, Sensible's platform is poised to disrupt the current point-of-care testing paradigm.

Built for a Pandemic.

Sensible's design ethos can be captured in one word: simple. That means less parts, less process steps, and less mistakes. Sensible's platform was designed specifically based on input from Curative testing personnel, who know better than anyone what works and what doesn't when it comes to point-of-care testing.

Meet the Founders

Ernest Templin, Co-Founder

Chief Executive Officer

Ernest has spent his entire career working in IVD. While at Curative he worked under the mentorship of Fred Turner and Vlad Slepnev scaling laboratory automation to push testing volumes from hundreds of samples per day to hundreds of thousands of samples per day. After he was finished in the lab, he built a new team to build the next generation of point-of-care PCR platforms.

Mark Kelleher, Co-Founder, PhD, MBA

Chief Operations Officer / Chief Scientific Officer

Mark has over 20 years experience in IVD testing. He has worked at companies such as 23&Me, Affymetrix and Curative, and has experience ranging from test development to laboratory set up and management. Mark was responsible for the analytical studies for the first Direct-to-Consumer genetic test cleared by the US FDA, and brings a wealth of operational knowledge from his time spent building, running, and managing technical teams.

Central Offices located in Los Angeles, CA

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