Priority Action Target Map

Take the guess work out of what's important. This One Page Prioritising tool allows you to brainstorm your actions and put it in order of importance so you can start to take action, scheduling in the most important actions into you calandar.

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Meeting Minutes Template

The Meeting Agenda and Minutes Templates allow you to plan your meetings ahead of time so you make the most use of the time when you come together with you staff members. This can turn a average meeting into a mastermind session, where problems can be solved effectively, provided the agenda is created and distributed ahead of the meeting. The Minutes templates allows details of the actions to be mapped out and solved with logical steps being documented in detail. This is a must have toolset to take your meetings and the productivity of your organisation to the next level.

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Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) - General Template and Record

The Standard Operating Procedures General Template will help you to create Procedures to build your Security Management System that exist in your organisation. This is a simple and generic word template that can be adapted and used in any small to medium organisation to build a procedure for ICT, Physical or General Business procedure. The Standard Operating Procedure General template will help you to build your list of procedures and allow you to guard your organisation from sloppy security practices as well as loss of business knowledge with staff turnover. Don’t wait till you suffer a hit to your organisations security because you did not define your procedures clearly. Take the first step by downloading this Standard Operating Procedure template and send it to your staff to document the procedures that they do everyday. Not only will you build a system for your organisation, but you can start to see what can be improved in your organisations business and security practices and incorporate these into your procedures. As a bonus the Standard Operating Procedure Record Template is included to help you keep a track of all your procedures that you develop.

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by Mohammad Arshad Abdool & Harsha Arjuna Bandara Seneviratne

© Copyright 2018 Mohammad Arshad Abdool

Reclaim Your Time Now! - Work Less And Achieve More by Avoiding Distractions - Super Productivity Habits for Home Based Entrepreneurs and Professionals - How to reclaim at least 2 hours per day and start enjoying increasing more free time in your life!

Genre: Spoken Word: Audiobook

Release Date: 2013

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