Harsha A. B. Seneviratne

Also known as Peaceful Lion, Harsha is a Student as well as a Teacher of Life. Harsha is passionate about helping people connect to learn from each other, bringing about powerful relationships that thrive.

Harsha questions what's just, and focuses his efforts in bringing about freedom and abundance to peoples lives through personal-growth & education. Harsha's vision is a humanity that shifts its consciousness to support one another in the pursuit of a peaceful existence for all beings.

A Visionary Creator who can see things from a high-level perspective. Harsha's is a passionate idea's person. If you need the creative spark to ignite a project to life, looking for analytical thinking to help solve a problem that you are facing, or simply to help you to move in the direction that you want, then get in touch.

"The creative process is messy, chaotic, and yet full of colour" If you are ready to embrace that energy from within you, then I welcome the interaction!