SlipStream Intuitive Training

Grow from Wherever You are to Where You Want to Be

At SlipStream Intuitive Training Our Vision is to provide Consultants, Businesses & Mentors with Premium Tools and Resources to excel in their Work and add Value to their Customers. We are Australia’s Premier supporter to Consultants, Businesses & Mentors.

Our mission is to provide premium tools and resources that are valuable and simple to use for our Customers. Our customers come to us for support before any other resource.

Our purpose is to bring Innovation and Discussion to Mentoring, Coaching and Training and drive change that brings a positive impact to our Customers. Our customers leverage off our resources to positively impact the Organisations that they work within. To connect Consultants, Businesses with Mentors, allowing the transfer of valuable experience and wisdom, and supporting our customers to Grow from where ever they are to Where they want to be.