Turning Terrible Into Terrific

Turning Terrible Into Terrific - Dennis Cummins Interviewed by Harsha A. B. Seneviratne at the Guerrilla Business Intensive held in Sydney 2012. Dennis Cummins was the head Trainer for the Event. In this interview we discuss the importance of keeping a positive focus, despite the events that occur in our lives - no matter what. Watch the video below.

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This Interview somewhat illustrated the entire concept of turning terrible into terrific. It was filmed in really - really bad light, and my good friend Paolo who filmed it did not speak up about it at the time - for some reason or the other - does it really matter?. So do I just dump the video? Or do I adapt and use the footage to get the core message out to the world? So I played around with iMovie and found some interesting filters, I took a photo with Dennis before I left the course, and added it. All in all - I think the end result sends a much stronger message - along with this story which really adds to it. I could have just had a go at Paolo, blaming him that it all went wrong. However I am in fact grateful to you Paolo, the bad lighting and the how it all came out. It's really about turning things around, not matter what turns up in your face and really working with it organically to achieve the result you desire. Thanks Dennis, Paolo for getting this together.

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