Pastor Chidi Okorie

Pastor Chidi Okorie is a Nigerian American with citizenship in other parts of the world. Pastor Chidi Okorie has been called into ministry for over twenty years in the office of healing and the Prophetic. he is apart of the SCM (Student Christian Ministries) in Enugu Nigeria established during his sophomore years at Enugu State University in Nigeria which still stands today. He is an Educator by profession who teaches Mathematics and the sciences. He holds a Master's degree in Education and a first degree in Geology and Mining. He has been married to his beautiful wife Melanie Okorie for the past 15 years and their union has produced three beautiful children. 

Pastor Chidi Okorie is the host and founder of SendMe Radio an online radio station and podcast established in 2010 broadcasting 24/7 Christian content. Pastor Chidi Okorie has been called to the nations, to preach the Gospel, which he does daily on their SendMe Radio platform Mountain Top Prayer 1000 Days Of Searching The Scriptures. 

Pastor Chidi Okorie is a man that God has in reserve to unleash to the nations of the world. He has lived in and has visited many different countries ministering and preaching the word of God. He carries a peculiar anointing which one can not help but experience on meeting him.