I AM THAT I AM. I am Angel Miller. I am a Wife,  Mother, Licensed Metaphysical Practitioner, Self-Embrace Thought Coach and Minister of Education, serving as a Bible Teacher. I am not a licensed medical physician, nor am I a clinical counselor. I do not practice traditional medicine, diagnose, cure, treat disease or prescribe medication. Like many complementary and holistic advisors, I assist people in recognizing their own given abilities and share suggestions through God-centered guidance; along with energy healing practices permitted as a Metaphysical Doctor of Metaphysical Science and Theocentric Thought. My assistance helps in releasing your own innate ability, promoting the pursuit of overall health and well being of your total body to start journeying into a better and more embraced life.

As a Minister and Thought Coach, my energetic work is managed through an alignment of the Universal Spiritual Foundation as God, Nature and Universe. My services are not intended as a replacement for medical or psychological treatment from a licensed medical healthcare provider who has been trained to assist with specific physical and mental conditions, nor should it be used as such.

I am independently owned and represented. My intent is not to hurt, shame or dishonor any religion or followers of public figures. The names of technologies, products, companies, applications, tools, utilities, etc. mentioned are intended to reference only; the names, brand names, trademarks, logos, slogans, etc. belong to their respective owners in their respective countries.

Self Embrace Academy and Church Life; along with any of its affiliate companies, programs, guests and sponsors; shall have no liability or responsibility to any person or entity regarding loss, damage, or personal injury incurred to property and/or persons, directly or indirectly. All information contained in each private session is held in high confidence. All information is dated and recorded for study purposes, as well to be used for referencing and can be legally and appropriately acquired in the case of a lawful investigation by way of a licensed attorney or legal warrant signed by an ordained official; should such a legal proceeding take place.

All monies collected will be as a donation to further the practices and to fund all services provided under Angel Chyrale Guidance. Self Embrace Academy and Church Life is under the management of the aforementioned entity. Please note that W9 documentation for Angel Miller can be supplied should the need arise as an independent contractor. Any information that is created under Angel Miller will be obtained by Executive Director and Coach, Minister Angel Miller; and can be requested for ownership at additional pricing.

My energetic and care-giving nature does great to help individuals and families looking into the spiritual but, as with any spiritual modality, it is not guaranteed to work for everyone. I make no promises or guarantees, spoken nor implied, relative to the work I create or services that I offer. As always, please consult your medical physician before scheduling any complementary care, or before beginning any exercise program for your spiritual mental and/or physical healthiness. At its core, healthy healing is making better decisions. 

Stay Happy. Stay Healthy. Stay Healing.