Memberships are available with a monthly investment of $33.33 or $100 for three months.

How will thought coaching assist you?  SEAC has three questions for you… 

Do you need help to sort priorities and get focused, allowing you to feel more in control? 

When you are unable to focus, you won’t be able to make a successful plan of action which causes you to be overwhelmed. 

Do you need help reconnecting with your internal motivation for doing things, and reconnect with the things that you love and want to do? 

Doing what you want to do will help lift your spirits, which moves you out of the place of discouragement. 

Do you need help in determining your self-care in collaboration with your soul-care? 

An old saying is 'obedience is better than sacrifice'. Many people believe that making sacrifices in life will ultimately result in full satisfaction; even Jesus made the choice to be obedient over choosing his sacrifice. 

Yes. Yes. Yes...then book Your Focus Call Today!

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