Lexi graduated from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, three year Bachelor of Acting in 2013. In London she performed at the Globe as ‘Lady Anne’ in Richard III for the Wanamaker Festival and in Appetite at the George Bernard Shaw Theatre. Her Australian performances include ‘Malvolia’ in Twelfth Night and ‘Lady Capulet’ in Romeo and Juliet with Sport for Jove, 'Viola' in Twelfth Night, Prime Minister's Chief of Staff in Secret City: Under the Eagle, ‘Marianne’ in Constellations, ‘Beatrice’ in Much Ado About Nothing, 'Raina' in Arms and the Man, ‘Miss Cannon’ in series 5 of Rake, Dame Enid Lyons in the re-enactment of her maiden speech, ‘Journalist’ in Total Control and as the voice for Kerry McGinnis' novel The Roadhouse. During COVID, Lexi hosted the live music stream Live In Ya Lounge and produced a live stream production of Richard III with the company she co-founded, Lakespeare & Co. Lexi is a strong advocate for the industry and has most recently worked as the Federal Arts Adviser. She now runs her own production company in Canberra at the soon to be built Dairy Road Theatre.

Lexi works as an actor and producer. She created Lakespeare & Co and has worked in a range of stage and screen projects.

After working as the Federal Arts Adviser, Lexi still enjoys advocating for the creative industries in lots of ways, none of which includes twitter or facebook.

In 2022 Lexi Sekuless Productions is moving to Dairy Road to create Canberra's next producing venue!

Finding your voice and conquering public speaking

One of the first things we say to a loved one is it’s so great to hear your voice! From talking with friends to colleagues in small and big settings, we have so many feelings about our voices. Over 6 weeks we will go through each element of ‘being on show’ and being seen and heard with a range of exercises to equip you for any public speaking task. Those feelings will likely hang around, but by the end of each session you will have more tools to get your voice and message out there.

Dairy Road Theatre Season

Amazingly there is a new little theatre under construction at Dairy Road in Canberra!

Lexi Sekuless Productions runs the Theatre, producing theatre shows and screen projects, and running regular drop-in and shadow-emerge-mentoree programs.