Civics 2017 Survey

Period: B

Teacher: Mr. Censabella Website Creators: Period B Civics Class

Seekonk is a small community in southeastern Massachusetts with a population of roughly 14,000. The town is a predominantly Caucasian community (around 94%) , with another 1.8% of the population being Hispanic and 1% African American. The median income for a family of four in Seekonk is $76,826 (as of 2017), while the median home value is $302,000 dollars. Seekonk High School has a total enrollment of 583 students. It has a high proficiency in academics with 39% student participation in AP classes and 17.8% of students receive free or reduced lunches. In our district Seekonk spends just over 15,000 dollars per student. Recently a Civics class was added to the curriculum as an elective at the high school, and this fall 16 students have taken the incentive to become more politically aware.

The Final Project

As a final project for this class, the students conducted a survey to assess the civic knowledge and engagement of the Freshman class. In total there are 148 people who responded to our survey. We copied and adapted questions from a similar survey done by Harvard, which can be found here.

In our survey, we probed participants about their opinions regarding political affiliation, issues like climate change and race relations, and opinions of the President. The side pages have the results of the survey in various pie charts that show where people stand on these issues.

Special Thanks

Lastly we would like to thank our librarian and media specialist Mrs. Larson for all of her contributions to help our project be so successful, and our teacher Mr. Censabella who allowed us to create an independent and student based project where we were able to work together as a class. We deeply appreciate the help!