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...Of spreading the light of Knowledge

SeekersHub Volunteer Mandate ?

Our core mandate is simple: We strive to spread the call to Allah and His Messenger ﷺ through:

1. Spread Knowledge (Ilm)

Facilitating religious knowledge (ilm)— for

  • General religious guidance, so Muslims can learn to live their deen with excellence;
  • A clear, structured curriculum for study, to facilitate the education of future scholars, callers, teachers, and educated, empowered Muslims, male and female;

2. Call to Guidance (Dawa)

  • Spreading the call for people to turn to Allah Most High and
  • To embrace the way of the Prophet ﷺ. This is the purpose of programs-at the Hub and beyond.

3. Serve your Community (Khidma)

  • There is a third dimension, service, which is a secondary but a critical implication of knowledge and guidance.

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