A Friends & Family Office in Bangkok, thailand

portfolio highlights

Popout, Inc"Stripe for Shipping"San Francisco, CaliforniaInvested Rounds: Seed (Jun 2014) & Series A (Mar 2016)
Latest Funding USD 50M Series E (Jun 2021)

Pop Up Archive, Inc "Searching the Spoken Word"San Francisco, CaliforniaInvested Seed Round (Sep 2014)
Acquired by Apple, Inc Nov 2017
ZoomCar, Inc"Self-Drive Car Rental"Bangalore, IndiaInvested Rounds: Series A (Oct 2014) & Series B (Aug 2016)
Latest Funding USD 75M Series A (Mar 2021)
Neversitup Co Ltd"Personal Finance Easy"Bangkok, ThailandInvested in Seed Round (Dec 2015)
Pivoted to Software Development & Engineering Services in 2019
FavStay Pte Ltd"Book the Favorite Stay"Singapore, AsiaInvested Convertible Note (Mar 2016)
Latest Funding USD 2.9MSeries A (Apr 2017)

Polar Bear Mission Co Ltd"Farm to Table Mission"Bangkok, ThailandInvested Rounds: Seed (Jan 2017) & Series A (Sep 2020)
Latest Funding USD 3M Series A (Sep 2020)

Fundersclub, Inc"First Online VC for Investors"San Francisco, CaliforniaInvested Series B Round (Dec 2017)
Chainalysis, Inc"Building Trust in Blockchain"New York, NYInvested Series A (Jan 2018)
Latest Funding USD 100MSeries E (Jun 2021)

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Popout, Chainalysis, and ZoomCar are made via FundersClub company-specific funds, ShipBob via FundersClub YCS14 FundSeedersClub Limited is a limited liability company organized under the laws of Thailand, owned and managed by Andy ChanAll the investments listed are made by Andy Chan personally, or under SeedersClub Limited