Student Dress Standards

Iron County School District

Policy Handbook



Students shall dress in a manner that shows respect for the educational environment and is befitting the day’s activities. Students’ clothing and jewelry must not present a health or safety hazard or distraction, which would disrupt the educational mission. Disruption is defined as reactions by other individuals to the clothing or adornment, which causes the teacher/ administrator to lose the attention of the students, to modify or cease instructional activities, or to deal with student confrontations or complaints

These are “MINIMUM” Iron County School District Standards. Individual school/classroom dress policies may include additional or higher standards to provide an educational environment as free from distraction as possible. Current fashion trends may dictate additional standards. Individual principals/teachers must clearly communicate their school’s/classroom’s dress code policy to students and parents and be consistent in its enforcement within their building/classroom.

• Shoes, or appropriate footwear, must be worn at all times.

• Outfits are not permitted which show, or appear to show undergarments or are unduly revealing. Front, back, and sides must be covered. Shoulder straps must be at least three inches wide. Shorts and skirts must be at least mid thigh in length. Ripped or torn clothing must meet the dress standards for coverage.

• Face paint and distracting accessories are not permitted. Accessories must be appropriate for the learning environment

• Extreme hairstyles or colors are not permitted.

• Distracting, excessive, or dangerous face or body piercing is not permitted.

• Clothing apparel and accessories that appear to be gang related are not permitted.

• Clothing with vulgar language, inappropriate pictures (sexually oriented, gang or violence related), alcohol or cigarette advertising, depicting illegal substances or any other illegal activities are not permitted.

Parents have the responsibility of assuring that students are dressed properly for school. Students who are in violation of this “MINIMUM” approved dress policy, and those established in schools and classrooms with higher standards will be sent to the office. The student in violation of the dress policy will not be allowed to return to class until approved by an administrator or designee.

Adopted: July 9, 2018