Student K-5 Computer Acceptable Use User Agreement

Iron County School District

Policy Handbook


Student K-5 Computer Acceptable Use User Agreement


My parent or guardian has reviewed this Acceptable Use Policy with me. I understand the

importance of being polite, kind, and respectful to others and the equipment. I also

understand that the use of the computer resources is for educational purposes only. I further

understand that if I break any of these rules, my computer privileges can be taken away and

that other disciplinary or legal action may also be taken.

Student Name (please print):_________________________________________________________

School:__________________________ Grade:________ Teacher:_____________________________


As the parent or guardian, I have read and reviewed this policy with my elementary school

age child. I understand that this access is designed for educational purposes. I understand it is

impossible for the School District to restrict access to all controversial or inappropriate

content and I will not hold the District or the staff responsible for materials acquired on the

Internet by my child. I have discussed the importance of obeying and abiding by the rules set

by the School District. I further understand that if my child does not abide by these rules

he/she may be disciplined. I accept full responsibility if and when my child is found in

violation of this computer use policy.

| | I hereby give permission to allow access to the computer network and the Internet for my child and

certify that the information contained on this form is correct. ___________ Initial here

Parent or Legal Guardian (please print):__________________________________________

Address:_______________________________________ City:_____________________ Zip:_____________

Telephone:_____________________________ E-mail:___________________________________________

Signature:___________________________________________________ Date: _______________________

| | I do not give permission to allow access to the Internet for my child. __________Initial here