District Policies

Section E

Safety & Security

EAA -- Energy Conservation

EAB -- Integrated Pest Management

EAC -- Service Animals at District Facilities

EBB -- Classroom Student Safety

EBBB -- Accident Reports - Employees

EBBC -- Accident Reports - Students

EBC -- Emergency Preparedness

EBCA -- Campus Safety and Emergency Preparedness

EBCC -- Bombing, Bomb Threats, False Alarms

EBCC-R -- Threats to the Schools

ECAB -- Vandalism

ECAC -- Employee and K-12 Student Responsible Use Policy

ECAC-E1 -- Responsible Use Policy Employee Agreement

ECAC-E2 -- Responsible Use Policy Student and Parent Agreement

ECAE -- Computer Acceptable Use Policies

ECAE-E2-- Student K-5 Computer Acceptable Use User Agreement

ECB -- Technology Security Policy

ECC -- Video Surveillance Policy

ECD -- School Traffic Control

ECD-R -- School Traffic Regulations

EEA -- Bus Transportation

EEACA-- School Bus Driver Examination and Training

EEACC -- Student Conduct on School Buses

EEACC-E -- School Bus Incident Report to Parents

EEAD -- Special Use of School Vehicles

EEAD-E1 -- Parental Consent Form

EEAD-E2 -- Parental Consent Form

EEAD-E3 -- Out-of-State Travel Form and Checklist

EEAD-R -- Student Travel Regulations

EEA-R -- Bus Transportation for Students with Disabilities

EFB -- Lunch Policy

EGAAA -- Reproduction of Copyrighted Material

EGAAA-E -- Reproduction of Copyrighted Material

EGAAA-R -- Regulations of Reproduction of Copyrighted Material

EGCA -- Employment Requirements and Restrictions: Access to School Records

EHB -- Student Records: Retention and Destruction

Section G


GABC -- Criminal Background Checks & Employee Reporting of Arrests

GACB -- Contract and Noncontract Employment: No Implied Contract Rights

GBAC -- Employee Standards of Conduct: Assignment

GBAE -- Employment Objectives: Scope of Employment

GBBB -- Employment Requirements: Non-School Employment

GBBC -- Employment Requirements and Restrictions: Drug Policy

GBBD -- Employment Requirements and Restrictions: Physical Examinations and Communicable Diseases

GBCA --Employee Standards of Conduct

GBCAA --Employee Requirements and Restrictions: Conflict of Interest

GBCB -- Staff Conduct

GBCC -- ICSD Appropriate Behavior Policy

GBCD -- Employee Standards of Conduct: Reporting Child Abuse

GBCE -- Employee Communication and Use of Social Media Policy

GBM -- Grievance Procedures

GBMA-E -- Employee Job Classification Appeals Form

GBMA -- Job Classification Appeals Procedure for Classified Employees

GCA -- Employment Licensure

GCB -- Contract and Non-Contract Employment: Provisional/Continuing/Probationary Contract

GCBA -- Placement on the Salary Schedule

GCBC -- Insurance

GCBD -- Employee Leave Policy

GCBE -- Sick Leave Bank Policy

GCBD-E -- Leave of Absence Application Form

GCBG -- Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

GCBH -- Paid Time Off During School Closures and Extraordinary Circumstances

GCD -- Hiring Procedures

GCDA -- Mediation of Contract Negotiations

GCG -- Remediation of Deficiencies

GCI -- Employment: Employee Transfers

GCJ -- Teaching Hours

GCL -- Credit Toward Advancement on the Salary Schedule

GCL-E1 -- Iron County School District Application for Approval of Credit

GCL-E2 -- Request for Upper Division Credit or Workshop Credit to be Counted for Graduate Credit

GCP -- Employee Discipline and Orderly Termination of Employment

GCPA -- Termination for Unsatisfactory Performance - Procedural Due Process

GCPB -- Reduction in Force

GCPC -- Retirement - Early Retirement Incentive Policy

GCPC-E -- Application for Early Retirement

GCPD -- Reemployment of Retired Employees

GCPE -- Retirement- Exempt Employees

GCP-E -- Letter of Notification for Provisional Employees

GDB -- Wage and Hourly Laws and Related Records for Hourly Employees

GDBB -- Bus Driver Schedules and Pay Policy

GGDA -- Legal Defense of Employees

GGEA -- Provision of Reasonable Workplace Accommodation to Qualified Individuals with Disabilities

GGEB -- Policies in Use and Disclosure of Personal Health Information (PHI)

GGEC -- Protected Health Information Privacy

GFAA -- School Employees Suggestions Program

Section I

Student Academics & Extra-Curricular

IEA - Student Education Plans - College and Career Readiness Plans

IF - Work-Based Learning

IFA - Human Sexuality Curriculum

IGA - Wellness Policy

IGA-R - Wellness Policy Goals & Guidelines

IGBA - Programs for Students with Disabilities

IGBE - Remedial Instruction

IGBG - Homebound Instruction

IGC - Concurrent Enrollment

IGC-E - ICSD Concurrent Enrollment Application Form

IGC-R - Concurrent Enrollment -- Regulations

IGD - Academic Eligibility Requirements For Students Participating in Extracurricular Activities

IGDA - Student Activities

IGDAA - Organization of Clubs and Participation in Extra-Curricular Activities

IGDA-R - Student Activities - Dances

IGDBB - Iron County School District Web Publishing Acceptable Use Policy

IGDC - Media

IGDCC - Library Media Materials

IGDCC-E - Challenge of Library Materials Form

IGDC-E1 - Parental Permission to View PG or PG-13 Video/DVD

IGDC-E2 - Request to Show Commercially Purchased Video/DVD

IGDD - Incentive Activities for Students

IGDE - Student Fees

IGDE-R - Iron County School District Fee Waiver Regulations

IGDF - Fund Drives

IGDF-E - Fund Raising Request Form

IGDJ - Violations of Discipline Codes

IGD-R - Extra-Curricular Activities

IIAA - Text Materials Adopted for Use in the Iron County School District

IIAB - District Curriculum Policy

IIAD - Special Interest and Agency Sponsored Instructional Materials

IIAD-E - Agreement Form for Classroom Instruction

IIAD-R - Iron School District Cooperative Agreement with Community Agencies Assisting with Classroom Instruction

IJ - School Community Councils

IJA - Student Advisory Council

IK - Testing Policy

IKA - Grading Policy

IKB - Homework

IKF - High School Graduation Requirements

IKF-E - Iron County School District STUDENT Extracurricular Credit Petition Form

IKG - Attendance Policy

IKH- Learner Validated Program and Attendance

ILA - Statement of Policy - Parent Grievance Policy

Section J

Student Performance & Compliance

JE - Admissions and Attendance: Eligibility and Admissions Requirements

JEA - Compulsory Attendance

JEA-R - Compulsory Attendance

JEB - Entrance Age

JEBA - Race and Ethnicity Identification and Reporting

JEBB - Eligibility for Preschool Enrollment Policy

JECA - Foreign Exchange Students (J-1 visa)

JECA-E1 - Foreign Exchange Students Sworn Affidavit of Assurances

JECB - Attendance of Non-Resident or Foreign Exchange Students

JECBA - Homeless Students Eligibility to Attend School

JECBA-E - Homeless Student Grievance Form

JECBA-R - Homeless Student Grievance Resolution Procedure

JECB-E1 - Application For Attendance for Out-Of-State-Students

JECB-E2 - Application For Attendance for Utah Resident Student Not Living With a Parent or Guardian

JECB - R - Regulations for Attendance of Non-Resident Students

JECC - Open Enrollment & Student In-District Transfer

JECC-E1 - Open Enrollment Application

JECC-E2 - Iron County School District Request for Student In-District Transfer

JECC-E3 - Student Behavioral Contract

JECC-R - Open Enrollment & Student In-District Transfer - General Guidelines

JECD - Assignment of Transfer Students to Classes

JECDA - Remediation Programs

JECD-R - Alternative Ways to Grant Credit

JEE - Student Attendance Accounting

JEE-R - Required Amounts of Time for Minimum School Day

JEG - Release of Students From School

JEG-R - Procedure For Release of Students From School

JFA - Student Due Process

JFB - Safe Schools Policy

JFBA - Bullying, Cyber-Bullying, Harassment, Hazing, and Retaliation

JFBA-E - Iron County School District Bullying/Harassment Signature Page

JFBAA - Suicide Prevention Policy

JFBB - Iron County School District Student Discipline Policy Seclusion and Restraint

JFB-E - Safe Schools Policy

JFC - Student Conduct Discipline

JFCA - Student Dress Standards

JFCB - Requirements for Extra-Curricular Activities Participation

JFCBA - Protection of Athletes With Head Injuries

JFCBA-E - Parent Permission to Participate In Athletic Activities

JFCB-E - Iron County School District Extra-Curricular Activities Contract

JFG - Interrogations

JFGA - Search and Seizure

JFH - Student Religious Neutrality

JGA - Corporal Punishment

JGD - Student Suspension

JH - Child Abuse and Neglect

JHC - HIV Positive Student or Employee Rules

JHCA - Physical Examinations of Students

JHCD - Dispensing Medication at School

JHCD-E - Medication Authorization Form

JHC - Declination Form for Hepatitis B Vaccination

JHC-R1 - School Level Procedures For Implementation of the AIDS Curriculum

JHC-R2 - Bloodborne Pathogens Standard

JO-R - Parental Request to OPT-OUT Student from Directory Information