Melbourne 2020 Sponsorship Prospectus

Date: Saturday 22nd Feb 2020

Audience: Students age 6 to 16, Parents, those wanting to learn

Projected Attendance: 120 attendees.

Location: Melbourne Docklands, VIC.

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the first Melbourne Kids SecuriDay in 2020. We’re excited to hold this event that introduces youth to security, and its importance in their everyday lives. This event is for at children (aged 6 to 16) and their parents/guardians. We aim to reach people from all areas of the community who want to expand their knowledge, so attendees will have various social and professional backgrounds. The goal is to learn about security, be inspired by the sector, and have fun while doing it. Check out our Canberra 2019 event here.

Kids SecuriDay is the first Australian “for-youth” security conference. We have run workshops for other community events for over three years now and are bringing them together under one event header to showcase the importance and passion of our community and its knowledge sharing. This event is not run for a profit, and organised for the community. While we welcome all participants, we have set ourselves an 80% diversity quota that we strive to meet.

Why support Kids SecuriDay?

We’re adopting the important structure of a high degree of interaction between participants and sponsors. Your branding and company involvement will be through media inclusion, on-site participation, and the strong message that you support the youth of today and their future security endeavors. You will be making a lasting positive impact through your sponsorship and impacting lives. If you choose to be a part of this integral event, you choose to be a vital member of the conference and develop a positive relationship with all participants. We don’t believe in exclusive-only sponsorship, as diversity brings the best outcomes for all.

Feedback from our launch event in Canberra 2019

Feedback from the Canberra event was sought and we’ll be applying it to the Melbourne event. For example feedback stated that our breaks were too long, so we are changing our schedule.

What else are people saying? When asked what words people would use to describe this experience, people said: interesting, effective, enjoyable, educational, exciting, and fun. All our feedback respondents said they very strongly agreed that they enjoyed the event and would attend again.

What can you expect by sponsoring Kids SecuriDay?

Brand Recognition and Awareness

Your company brand will be on some or all the following: website, social media, lunch sessions, attendee badges. If you have a specific preference you may specify it, or if you wish you can expand this to other non-listed donor items such as t-shirts & signage.

Targeted and Direct Audience

Instead of marketing to the existing security community as with most security events, Kids SecuriDay allows you to connect with diverse consumers who care about security. They are attending this event because they want to be there. They understand that your participation means you care about security and the welfare of the community instead of your bottom line – your sponsorship provides a long term positive impact.

The Innovative Marketing Space

Sponsoring large events is not within every companies budget, limiting their options for sharing their message. Kids SecuriDay is the perfect place for you. We’re running small and getting it right the first time. We received multiple requests to run this Melbourne event after our successful Canberra event, and have requests to run it around Australia. Getting involved with this unique event allows you to communicate your message to an eager audience.

Our past event sponsors include:

  • Inspiring Australia
  • National Science Week
  • Microsoft
  • Privasec
  • Scythe
  • Grimm
  • AustCyber Canberra Innovation Node
  • Ionize
  • Caccia Cybersecurity
  • Electronic Frontiers Australia
  • FireEye
  • Shearwater

What to expect for the Melbourne event?


In less than 24 hours the Kids SecuriDay launch messages had over 6,000 views and is growing in social media following by the day. The website had over a hundred views per day, before active ticketing. Over the following months we generated additional unique hits as we announce our workshops and sponsors. Please note that this event is required to put out a media announcement, and we are sensitive of the nature of the content of the event. It is not our intent to use the attendees as media content unless they express that they wish to take part. Processes and procedures are in place to clearly show who is willing to participate in media inclusion and is included in event participant conduct expectations. For more information on our participant expectations please see our participant code of conduct.

Our workshops

The feedback received from our Canberra launch event was positive, and we’re building on the success of our first four workshops. New workshops are being developed which include content such as Hardware Hacking, Drone Hacking, Banking Application Security. We’re working with industry experts to put together content for the younger age groups that’s engaging, fun and inspirational. CTF prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the event. The CTF and results are split by age category; 6 to 10, and 11 to 16. It is expected that the younger age group will compete in teams of two, while the other can do independent if they wish. This is based on previous experience that a better outcome is reached with these team options.

Cyber Games (Capture the flag)

We’ve been running highly successful capture the flag events for youth for the past three years at various STEM events in Australia and around the world, and at the end of the day the kids all agree it’s the best workshop of the lot. This year we’re offering prizes to age group winners to increase the competition. We’re partnering with some of the best in the industry to develop unique challenges not seen before, to get the best outcome for all the participants. We’ll be offering mentoring to those playing to make sure they understand the concepts they’re working with and are inspired to persevere with previously unknown concepts.

Physical security

How do locks work, and why do some keys not work as well as others? In this hands on workshop everyone gets some experience understanding the importance of physical security. This workshop covers an introduction to locks, how they work, and locksport with basic clear plastic locks. This workshop outcome is integrated in to the CTF, being that successful completion of basic activities awarding points to the participant.

Digital footprints

The internet is effectively a huge database of everything with lots of data. When you focus on a particular subject, you can trace its digital footprint. This workshop explores the traceability and potential impact of digital footprints.

Cyber Safety

The cyber safety presentation sensitively covers a range of topics including sexting, cyber bullying, online child exploitation, online privacy, and importantly what to do when something goes wrong.


At all our events we introduce our mentors. Women and men who work in security careers who are passionate about the work they do. Our workshop partners have come from consultancy, government and private enterprise. Our goal is to make security approachable, fun, and to inspire while removing the barriers that would prevent someone from otherwise approaching the subject area.

All our volunteers and mentors are licensed and checked with working with vulnerable people certification or equivalent. Plans, processes and checks are in place to ensure that the right people are doing the right work. For more information on our volunteer expectations please see our volunteer code of conduct.

Ticket Sales

To make sure we’re getting the workshops right, we intend to open pre-registration in December 2019. Our Canberra event sold out within a week with tickets sales of 150, with half being pre-registered. This was a great place to begin, as alternative conferences such as BSides Perth started with 120 participants and BSides Melbourne 200-250. Ensuring that the initial Melbourne event is done right with the highest quality will set us up for success. Making sure the participants have a fun, enjoyable day is the most important criteria. The intent is to not charge attendees for the day, which is why we seek sponsorship.

Sponsorship options

For our first event, there was no ranking system for sponsors, as we ask for companies to donate/sponsor items listed below. Due to interest to run similar events in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia we have opened up tiered community partnership opportunities to continue the program interstate. This means we can fund the program through the year, cover insurances, supplies and travel.

Event specific sponsorship

Your sponsorship will receive an equal or greater amount of social media coverage, logo on the website, and mentioned throughout the day of the event, in particular those things you have sponsored.

Venue: Covers the venue, air-conditioning, audio visual and guest Wi-Fi, computer equipment for those in CTF

Morning Tea: To start the day off right, participants are going to need coffee / tea and some morning snacks. Not only is this a nice gesture; but it’s also a great way to get your company’s name out. Participants will know your sponsorship paid for Morning Tea.

Lunch: The lunch & beverage (non-alcoholic) can also be broken into smaller sizes or shared between multiple vendors. Conference Lunch sponsors will have their name dutifully announced within the conference, and participants will know who provided their lunch.

Afternoon Tea: To finish off the day, participants could use some more coffee / tea and a nice treat. Another great gesture; but also, a great way to get your company’s name out. Participants will know your sponsorship paid for Afternoon Tea.

Wrist bands: We’re doing attendee wrist bands for this event, and they will have the Kids SecuriDay Logo and Vendor details on them.

Shirts: We need shirts for those associated with KSD so they can be easily identified.

Physical Security: Our physical security workshop requires sponsorship and we’d like to give away clear locks to participants. As part of the physical security sponsorship you’ll be giving a lock to all participants, including sticker with Kids SecuriDay logo and your vendor logo as a keepsake for our participants.

CTF Sponsorship: We’re running our CTF through CTFd and need someone to sponsor the hosting to ensure this is a zero-cost day for participants. All participants will be made aware of the sponsorship.

Snacks: Candy candy and more candy… and apple slices and dried fruit. Learning is hard and the kids need energy! All participants will be made aware of the sponsorship.

Prizes: We’re giving our prizes for the achievers in the CTF and physical security categories. Would you like to give away a programmable droid? Or maybe a special set of locks? All prize sponsors will be announced at the event prize giving. A wish-list has been set up at amazon to assist.

Printing: The printing sponsor will help offset printing costs associated with the conference. This will include conference banners and website.

Staff support: Our volunteers come from all around Australia and we need to feed, transport and accommodate them.

If you would like to consider other customised sponsorship packages, please get in touch to discuss any specific opportunities or requirements.

2020 Community partner sponsorship

Due to interest to run similar events nation-wide we have opened up tiered community partnership opportunities to continue the program interstate. These community partner sponsorships apply for the financial year, and benefits are ongoing outside of a singular event, with the exception of the event community partner, which applies to a specific event. These tiered sponsorships are perfect for organisations that wish to donate a dollar amount instead of by item. These funds are applied over the year and help us create better programs with larger reach.

If you would like to consider other customised sponsorship packages, please get in touch to discuss any specific opportunities or requirements.

Diamond community partner $35,000

· Introduction of keynote speaker (5 minutes) in front of full event attendees

· Recognition during introductory and closing remarks

· 4 event sponsor passes (4 child, 4 adult) for organisation

· Logo placement on all event pages with link to website

· Logo placement on all event signage

· On-site signage

· Special thank you

Platinum community partner $20,000

· Introduction of session

· Recognition during introductory and closing remarks

· 2 event sponsor passes (2 child, 2 adult) for organisation

· Large logo placement on all event pages with link to website

· Social media promotion of sponsorship

· Large logo placement on all event signage

· On-site signage

Gold community partner $15,000

· 1 event sponsor pass (1 adult, 1 child) for organisation

· Recognition during closing remarks

· Logo placement on all event pages with link to website

· Social media promotion of sponsorship

· Large logo placement on all event signage

· On-site signage

Silver community partner $10,000

· 1 event sponsor pass (1 adult, 1 child) for organisation

· Social media promotion of sponsorship

· Logo placement on all event pages with link to website

· Logo placement on all event signage

Bronze community partner $5,000

· 1 event sponsor pass (1 adult, 1 child) for organisation

· Logo placement on all event pages with link to website

· Logo placement on all event signage

Event community partner $1000 to $5000

Be recognized for cash donations for general event support.

· 1 event sponsor pass (1 adult, 1 child) for organisation

· Logo placement on specific event page including link

· Social media promotion of sponsorship for event

· Logo placement on specific event signage

· Acknowledged on signage and in the event

Sponsorship Terms and Conditions

1. Sponsorship Agreement: between the event-specific Kids SecuriDay organiser (“Organiser”) and ("Sponsor") is valid from the date it is fully executed through the end of the sponsored event.

2. Sponsor Marketing Use Agreement: Sponsor may use the following tag line on its marketing materials during the term of this Sponsorship Agreement: “Official Sponsor of Kids SecuriDay”.

3. Production Timeline: In order for Organiser to fulfil all promotional benefits for Sponsor, Sponsor agrees to meet all Organiser related submission deadlines:

    1. Trademark/Logo, Sponsor URL, ad (if applicable), banner display (if applicable), will be sent within 10 business days from the date this Sponsorship Agreement is fully executed.
    2. All items will be submitted two weeks prior to the event or production deadline.

4. Sponsor Trademark Usage Agreement: Sponsor agrees to allow Organiser to use Sponsor’s trademark/logo/tagline solely to perform and fulfil its obligations under the Sponsorship Kit and this Sponsorship Agreement.

5. Sponsor Trademark Usage: Notwithstanding Section 4 above, Sponsor agrees to allow Organiser the right to use Sponsor’s trademark/logo/tagline and graphics on all of the promotional benefits, including but not limited to:

    1. The web banner ad to be posted on the event and Kids SecuriDay Web pages
    2. Sponsor benefit items Organiser detailed on the Support Package section
    3. Any Exhibit Hall promotional banner and signage/lanyard, etc.

6. Web Reference: Sponsor may publish an Internet hyperlink from Sponsor’s website to the event-specific and Kids SecuriDay websites, and maintain the hyperlink as an active, functional, and correct link to the websites through the duration of the event and thereafter unless removal is requested by Sponsor.

7. Payment: Full payment must accompany this application and Sponsorship Agreement and be received by Organiser. Failure to pay full balance will subject sponsorship to cancellation.

8. Non-endorsement: The use of Sponsor's name within Kids SecuriDay or event-specific websites or mailing lists does not constitute endorsement by Kids SecuriDay or Organiser of the Sponsor, the Sponsor’s services, products or programs. Additionally, the Sponsor is not permitted to represent in any manner that such products, services, or programs have been endorsed by Kids SecuriDay or Organiser.

9. Non-exclusivity: Neither Kids SecuriDay or Organiser awards exclusive sponsorship or establishes exclusive relationships with Sponsors. Sponsor shall not imply that such a preferential relationship exists between Sponsor and Kids SecuriDay or Organiser.

10. Limited Liability: In the event that circumstances beyond the commercially reasonable control of Organiser interferes with, or prevents, Organiser from fulfilling, in part, or all of, Sponsor’s promotional benefits under this Sponsorship Agreement, Sponsor, by signing this Sponsorship Agreement, holds Organiser, Kids SecuriDay, as well as their respective employees harmless from all legal and financial liability to Sponsor, caused by such circumstances, beyond the fee paid by Sponsor for this sponsorship.

11. Force Majeure: Neither Kids SecuriDay, Organiser, or Sponsor shall be deemed in default of this Sponsorship Agreement to the extent that performance of its obligations or attempts to cure any breach are delayed or prevented by reason of any act of God, fire, natural disaster, accident, act of government, or any other causes beyond its commercially reasonable control.

12. Rejection: Kids SecuriDay and Organiser reserve the right to reject a potential sponsor for any reason.

13. Entire Agreement: This and all attachments here to, constitute the entire Sponsorship Agreement.