Sector-3 provides highly experienced practitioners and researchers in conflict and crisis environments to provide training and robust M&E policy development for intervention agencies.

Our Approach

Sector-3 works with a team of international advisors who have intervention and research expertise in medicine, humanitarianism, and peacemaking. We collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders, from policymakers to charities, local conflict communities and international NGOs to deliver training, research and policy intervention consultancy, to enable those impacted by conflict and crisis to pursue better futures.

We train NGOs, INGOs and Government personnel who operate in conflict and crisis settings to assist in human needs development, peacemaking and peacekeeping. We offer training to universities, government, INGO, NGO and conflict/crisis societies.

In collaboration with donors, conflict-communities, academics, policymakers, and practitioners, we carry out original research to evaluate best practice in humanitarian intervention and conflict response.

Working directly with those impacted by conflict and crisis, we engage in policy research for governments and INGOs to analyse their intervention practices. Providing evidence based results and strategy insight for further intervention.

The Security & Health Response Nexus: Research evaluations, West Bank, Palestine. By Dr. William W. Thomson.

Mission Statement

At Sector-3 we engage to understand intervention processes in conflict and crisis to assist human needs and agency through nonviolent engagement and assistance. Sector-3 provides, professional research, monitoring, evaluation and policy development for governments and humanitarian agencies working in conflict and crisis affected regions of the world. Our team of researchers all have academic and practitioner qualifications in these areas. We intervene at the crossroads of protracted conflicts and complex crisis environments, providing longitudinal analysis of NGO and INGO intervention practices. We provide training, consultancy, and monitoring and evaluation initiatives to assist NGOs, INGOs, governments, universities and conflict societies.