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Satisfying Emotional Needs Through Food

The Benefits of Our Proprietary Food Need States Model:

The Emotional Disruption Model of Food Innovation:

There are two fundamental principles at the heart of our innovation model: Firstly, satisfying emotional needs rather than rational needs leads to more compelling ideas. Secondly, the disruption of conventional thinking paves the way for greater innovation.

Combining these two principles has given rise to our innovation model known as "emotional disruption." This model begins by identifying known product and emotional benefits, then disrupting the conventional perceptions associated with them.

The objective of this approach is to disrupt prevailing product perceptions by tapping into novel emotional drivers of consumer behavior that surpass traditional expectations and foster stronger connections with the target audience.

AI Assisted Rapid Innovation

The Benefits of AI Assisted Food Innovation:

The Power of AI assisted Innovation in a Fast Moving Market 

The utilization of AI in new food product innovation encompasses extensive data analysis, enabling expansive thinking and greater efficiency. AI facilitates rapid experimentation and prototyping, accelerating the development process and fostering creativity by suggesting unique ingredient combinations and flavor profiles. It enables personalized offerings that cater to individual preferences and emotional needs, ensuring consumer satisfaction. By leveraging our CulinaryAI innovation system, food companies can enhance their innovation capabilities, improve product relevance, and meet the evolving demands of consumers in a competitive market.

CulinaryAI Deliverables

By applying the power of AI to our Emotional Food Motivations Model, you will get:

Infinitely more productive than a DIY brainstorming off-site for about the same cost.

Convening an off-site DIY brainstorming session will yield an expected collection of recycled ideas with questionable consumer relevance.

Delivers better ideas faster than a development company for a fraction of the cost.

Hiring a consulting company will cost tens of thousands of dollars and give you ideas that are off brand, impossible to execute, and take weeks to get. 

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