Alisha Gallegos Visual Arts K-8


Mrs. Oge and I will be collaborating on the Christmas concert. Therefore, I will be doing an Art Gallery. for display during the show. Because of this, the classroom will look very different this quarter.

All classrooms will be introduced to about 2-3 techniques/process every couple of days or so, to get them practice on the elements and principles of art. The students will then chose a project and practice the process and skill set in which they chose. They will each move at their own pace and explore all the new process and materials. Then, they will pick a medium and plan a biblical based project for the gallery that coincides with the Theme of the Christmas Concert. Therefore, students will not have "projects" per se, more so exploration and creative exploration projects. During this time, they will be graded on Participation. - If you have any question, please email me. Thanks!

Visual Arts Includes:

* Learning the basics of Art Principles and Design

* Exploring techniques and Medium

*Using Art to Observe, Create, Relate and Connect to a Biblical Worldview.