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You Can't Beat our Meat

We don't hide or pretend we don't know where our meat comes from. All of our pork & poultry originate in the United States. Most of our beef is USDA Choice and if it's not, we let you know: Such as our beef tenderloin. They're so tender without the extra marbling we carry the leanest tenderloin we can and are able to charge just less than $10 per pound! If our beef isn't USDA Choice, it's produced in USDA inspected and approved plants. Our only imported beef are our cut oxtail, brought across the boarder from Mexico from a major producer that is found in major grocery chains. We source the best seafood we can. All of it is flash frozen, often on the very vessels it is harvested. We prefer wild caught whenever possible buy reputable farm-raised seafood when necessary. We stand behind everything we sell and we certainly consume it ourselves.

Offal Isn't Awful Even if it's Pronounced That Way

We are the place to go to if you're looking for the more unique parts of animals from brains to kidneys to tongues to whatever. Beef, Pork and Poultry Offals are always available for special order and sometimes we have it in stock.

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