Lawrence J. Dooling, PhD

Current research interests:
macrophage engineering for immuno-oncology, tissue engineering & regenerative medicine
biophysics of phagocytosis, biomaterials engineering


December 2023

I was featured in the Mentored Member Spotlight of the Abramson Cancer Center Bulletin.

Check it out here.

Thanks to Cauleen and the ACC for opportunity.

October 2023

I gave a talk at the BMES Annual Meeting in the Immunoengineering Cellular Responses session.

Other great Discher lab presentations on our Macrophage Engineering work included Tristan Marchena in Molecular Immunoengineering and Dennis Discher in Cellular Immunoengineering.

June 2023

Read about our Nature BME paper on Cooperative phagocytosis here. Thank you to Melissa Pappas at Penn Engineering for the story, which has been picked up by news outlets worldwide!

Nov 2022 >> Jan 2023
My abstract was selected for a post-doc travel award and short talk for the BMES CMBE conference in Jan 2023!

Congrats to my fellow awardees!

2023 CMBE Postdoc Researcher Travel Awardees

Dec 2022
Some of my tumoroid images were selected for use in the Pennsylvania Muscle Institute's Annual Holiday Party invitation designed by Dr. Jody Dantzig. I'm pretty sure this makes me an award-winning microscopist ;)! 

2022 PMI Holiday Gathering Flyer designed by Dr. Jody Dantzig. My tumoroid images are featured as the Christmas tree, bushes, and holly.

Sept 2022
Our paper on Cooperative phagocytosis was just accepted for publication. Congrats and thanks to all co-authors!

Aug 2022
I was recognized with the awards for Best Overall Talk and Best Talk in Session 2: Cancer therapeutics, resistance, and recurrence at the NCI JI Meeting!

2022 NCI JI Meting Award



Cooperative phagocytosis underlies macrophage immunotherapy of solid tumours and initiates a broad anti-tumour IgG response

L.J. Dooling* , Andrechak J.C....D.E. Discher

Thanks to all of our co-authors for their excellent contributions!

Differential modulation of cellular phenotype and drug sensitivity by extracellular matrix proteins in primary and metastatic pancreatic cancer cells

O.K. Usma ... L.J. Dooling, Y.J. Wang, J.  Irianto

Congrats to the Irianto and Wang Labs!


Titrating CD47 by mismatch CRISPRi reveals incomplete repression can eliminate IgG-opsonized tumors but limits induction of anti-tumor IgG  

B.H. Hayes*, H. Zhu*, J.C. Andrechak, L.J. Dooling, D.E. Discher

Congrats to Brandon and Jacqueline!

Small, fat-filled lipid droplets remain spherical as they indent a nucleus, dilute the lamina, and cause rupture. 

I.L. Ivanovska*, M.P. Tobin*, Bai, T.,  L.J. Dooling, and D.E. Discher

Congrats to Irena and Michael!

Confinement plus myosin-II suppression maximizes heritable loss of chromosomes, as revealed by live-cell ChReporter. 

B.H. Hayes*, P.K. Zhu*, M. Wang*... L.J. Dooling...D.E. Discher

Congrats to Brandon, Peter, and Mai!


Tissue mechanics coevolves with fibrillar matrisomes in healthy and fibrotic tissues. 

L.J. Dooling, K. Saini, A.A. Anlaş, and D.E. Discher

Thanks to Karan and Alişya for their contributions to the article!

Now in Cancers

CD47-SIRPα immune checkpoint blockade of metastatic lung melanoma requires a tumor-targeting antibody to suppress tumor growth. 

J.A. Andrechak, L.J. Dooling...D.E. Discher

Congrats to Jason!

Now in Nucleus

Gaussian curvature dilutes the nuclear lamina, favoring nuclear rupture, especially at high strain rate. 

C.R. Pfeifer, M.P. Tobin et al.

Congrats to Charlotte and Michael!