Travel & Professional Development

Travel Reimbursement CHECKLIST

1. Cover Letter on District Stationary/Letterhead

*Dollar amount requested

*Indicate who should receive the check

*Statement recognizing that the PD was not used towards meeting the state's required sixty hours

2. Itemized Lodging and Parking Receipts

*Itemized hotel bills only with $0 balance – No confirmation emails

*Prior written approval, if exceeding GSA rate

*Proof of Payment

3. Itemized Meal Receipts- Unless using Per Diem Amount

*If meals are provided at your meeting/conference or at your hotel, the meals will not be reimbursed

*Proof of Payment

4. Professional Development Documentation - Submit Applicable Items

*Registration Form/Invoice Receipt and Proof of Payment

*Agenda Required

5. Copy of the Traveler’s TR-1 Form- Travel will not be reimbursed without a district travel request/reimbursement form, even if the teacher used a school vehicle

*A copy of a Google map, Rand McNally map, MapQuest map, etx... or a copy of the school district's mileage chart used to determine mileage for reimbursement purposes and proof of payment, if the teacher used their own personal vehicle

6. Copy of the District’s Check Used to Pay Expenditures (coop requirement)

CTE Travel Policy for the 2019-20 School Year

1. Reimbursement requests for travel and professional development expenditures must be submitted to me on a bi-monthly basis (every two months- ADE-DCTE Requirement)

a. Expenditures from July and August 2019 should be submitted to me by September 15th, 2019. This would include all of your summer 2019 professional development and summer conferences.

b. Expenditures from September and October 2019 should be submitted to me by November 15th, 2019.

c. Expenditures from November and December 2019 should be submitted to me by January 15th, 2020.

d. Expenditures from January and February 2020 should be submitted to me by March 15th, 2020.

e. Expenditures from March and April 2020 should be submitted to me by May 15th, 2020.

f. Expenditures from May and June should be submitted to me before June 1st, 2020. May and June travel will be reimbursed on a case-by-case basis, pending the availability of funds.

2. Reimbursement requests must include the following documentation:

a. Provide a cover letter on district stationary, with the dollar amount requested included in the letter. Please indicate whether the instructor or the school district should receive the reimbursement check. Also include a statement recognizing that the travel/pd included in the request will not be used towards meeting the state’s requirement of sixty hours. (Examples: State-Sponsored PD, Conferences, and Coop-Sponsored PD).

b. Submit itemized lodging and parking receipts, if applicable. Hotel charges may not exceed the federal GSA rate, unless the traveler has prior written approval from their local travel supervisor. A copy of the prior written approval should be sent by the district with the other documentation to request reimbursement. If not, the district will be reimbursed up to the GSA rate. I must receive a copy of the itemized hotel bill. I cannot reimburse your district based on a hotel registration confirmation email.

c. Include itemized meal receipts, unless you using a per diem amount at your school district.

d. Provide documentation of the professional development attended by submitting a copy of registration form/receipt, if requesting reimbursement for the registration amount. All travel reimbursement request must include an agenda.

e. Submit a copy of the traveler’s travel form (TR-1). If using a school vehicle, reimbursement for mileage goes back to the school. Schools and/or travelers will NOT be reimbursed for the purchase of gas. Also, DCTE is requiring that you submit a copy of a MapQuest map, Google map, Rand McNally map, etc... or a copy of the District's mileage chart used to determine mileage for reimbursement purposes.

f. Include a copy of the school district’s cancelled check (the check used for payment).

g. Keep in mind – I must compare your school district’s rates with the Coop’s travel rates and reimburse at the most restrictive rate. All documentation for one single trip must be submitted at one time. Do not request reimbursement for registration and travel expenses at different times. Travel reimbursement requests must include all expenditures per recipient with all attached invoices/receipts.

Revised August 2019

Items we don't need for reimbursement:

  • Purchase Orders/Requisitions
  • Request for Leave
  • Membership Dues- Not allowed by Perkins
  • Credit Card Statements/Authorizations
  • PD records
  • Absentee Forms