Peak Performance U

9 Essential Skills for the Workplace

Online platform to address soft skills that align with business & industry expectations for those students striving to attain post-secondary education or to enter the workforce directly.

Peak Performance U is a powerful new online course that delivers thought-provoking content reinforced by in-depth video discussions undertaken with various industry leaders and sports icons regarding career readiness, workplace expectations, and hiring practices.

Achieving peak performance on a consistent basis is often opposed by countless challenges, frustrations, and disappointments. The lack of thorough preparation, due diligence, and accountability are frequently the culprits. Many well-intended students create one strategy after the next, but fall short in the implementation process.

The foundation of the content found in Peak Performance U – 9 Essential Skills for the Workplace is in response to the guidance and requirements of various businesses and industries eager to align, promote, and train students for viable future careers. Developed in accordance with Act 480, Peak Performance U cultivates critical skills identified by Regional Advisory Councils over a three-year period. Whether a student is striving toward the attainment of a post-secondary education or plans to enter the workforce directly, these 9 Essential Skills for the Workplace are necessary for the transition.

Structuring a Sturdy Work Ethic

Respecting Human Dignity

Strengthening Connectivity

Understanding Business Etiquette

Achieving through Collaboration

Becoming an Intentional Planner

Transitioning with Confidence

Dispelling Entitlement

Computer & Digital Literacy

Through role-playing, mock interviews, interactive videos, and engaging activities, the curriculum captures students’ interest and invokes eagerness to acquire skills for steady, long-lasting results. Regardless of the career field or cluster, Peak Performance U – 9 Essential Skills for the Workplace speaks to critical skills that business and industry have identified as vital for workplace advancement. Thank you to the Arkansas Department of Career Education for providing financial support for this project.

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LAKESIDE 11/30/18

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Hamburg School District 12/6/17

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Educational Sessions with Students

Educational Session with Teachers

Tim Outlaw, Paul Vitale, Campbell Wilkerson, Tracy Streeter, Melissa Prince, & Allison Kelley

Crossett School District 9/12/17

Student Session

Allison Kelley, Alicia Brown, Paul Vitale, Brandy Thomas, Janla Gardner, Sammy Cox, and Barbara Garner