KUDER Navigator license provides a variety of assessments and resources to help middle and high school students prepare a personal plan for their education, career, and a brighter future.

Funds can be used for school districts and secondary centers. However, if your school district has purchased a KUDER subscription before, Perkins will not be able to fund due to supplanting.

The current subscription will be active until June 30, 2018.

Your principals and center directors will receive the initial implementation information through email from the vendor.


Template for the wallet sized KUDER student login.

KUDER Navigator training was held at the Southeast Arkansas Education Service Cooperative on October 10 & October 11 for career and technical education teachers and counselors in Southeast Arkansas. During the training participants discussed how best to implement KUDER Navigator in their respective classrooms and content areas and also learned how to use the Administrative Database Management System data to strengthen individual career counseling relationships and assist students’ education planning. Using data for curriculum planning and program development was presented.