Fundraiser Ideas

Great fundraising ideas mentioned during PLC meetings....

Which one worked the best for you? Which new idea do you want to try?

Trade & Industry Ideas

Raffle Tickets

Boston Butt Sale

Mixed Match

Bottle H2O


Business Ideas

Krispy Kreme donuts

Online bake sale/auction

Pump gas for tips

Raffle gun ($25 per ticket, sell 100 tickets)

Yeti raffle

Valentine's day slideshow. Show in cafeteria at lunch on v day; sell slide messages $1 each.

Laundry detergent sales (

FACS Ideas

Consession Stand (10%)

Soda/Chip Grams

Beef Jerky

Bake Sale Auction

Kona Ice

Chili Cookoff

AGRI Ideas

Flush the Toilet

Easter Egg Hunt

Crawfish Boil w/ ticket for Yeti Sale

Picnic Tables

Adirondack Chairs

Dual Pallet Projects

Washer/Baggo Boards

Buy an FFA Member

Water Balloon Fight

Cow Drop Bingo

Donkey Basketball

Hat Day

Soulmate Survey

BBQ Plate