COVID-19: Exploring Causes and Cures through Literature-Based Discovery

Analyzing PubMed COVID-19 Text

Mission of the project

This NSF funded project provides researchers access to bibliometric and text analytic methods so they can understand what COVID-19 topics other researchers are working on , who they are working with and where the research is being conducted.

Easy-to-use navigation tool of PubMed COVID-19 research

Easy-to-use navigation tool of PubMed LONG COVID-19 research

To download the Long COVID Pubmed ID.xlsx dataset analyzed in the Long COVID Dashboard above, click on the top right corner "Open Spreadsheet" icon of the Google Sheet to open in a new window. Then select File > Download.

Long COVID Pubmed ID.xlsx

COVID-19 Vaccine Landscape

BizInt Solutions analysis of US clinical trials as reported in

COVID-19 Research Bibliography

Published research pertaining to analysis of the PubMed Covid-19 dataset


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