Fair Pay for PostGrad Teaching - Policy at LUU
We would like the Union to support postgraduate researchers in seeking changes to University of Leeds policy for postgraduates who teach. This would be ...
Last modified on Oct 22, 2018
PostGrad Study Spaces - Policy at LUU
There is a general consensus amongst Postgraduate Researchers within the School of Languages, Cultures & Societies (LCS PG(R)s), that study and social ...
Last modified on Oct 22, 2018
PhD Uni Parking - Policy at LUU
April 2017: Dean of Postgraduate Research got in touch with carparks to ask if PGs could park in them and got a positive response; but when students asked to  ...
Last modified on Oct 22, 2018
Policy About the University - Policy at LUU
PostGrad Study Spaces. 2017. Email Address Extension GNT in UoL. Lecture Free Clusters PhD Uni Parking Fair Pay for PostGrad Teaching Real Living Wage  ...
Last modified on Feb 12, 2019
Student Medical Support - Policy at LUU
Students as migrated from Headingley to Hyde park and Burley, as as time goes on increasing numbers, especially older and postgraduate students, are moving  ...
Last modified on Oct 22, 2018
24 Hour Library - Policy at LUU
... an extension of summer opening hours to improve accessibility and service for postgraduates in particular as well as other students on campus over summer.
Last modified on Oct 22, 2018
Email Address Extension - Policy at LUU
Many students use their university email addresses for important applications to postgrad positions, Phd applications and general important logins which are ...
Last modified on Oct 22, 2018
Scrap Graduation Fees - Policy at LUU
We work hard and pay thousands of pounds for our degrees, and it is unfair that we should cough up even more simply to graduate at the end of it. Expires: ...
Last modified on Oct 22, 2018
GPA & First Years - Policy at LUU
The discovery modules help create a more well-rounded and confident student, who when applying for graduate jobs can discuss areas of academia that aren't ...
Last modified on Oct 22, 2018
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