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What is Kent Advocacy?

5 organisations (independent of the NHS and KCC) that all specialise in providing different services across the county. Together, they offer their advocacy services under the same name. 

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What is Advocacy?

When decisions are being made about our health and social welfare, it can be hard when we don’t feel listened to, when what’s important to us isn’t taken seriously by others, or we just don’t have the words to say what we really feel or want.

Advocates take time to understand your situation, explore the options and help you decide what you want to do and how you want to do it. They support you to look at your choices and reach decisions, but will not make decisions for you. They will only take action if you want them to. 

What services are available?

We offer independent, qualified advocacy support across a range of issues.

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We also offer spot purchase and out of area referrals.

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