Please note that Essex Advocacy's contract with Essex County Council comes to an end on 6th July 2018. The contract for All Age Advocacy in Essex will thereafter be delivered by Rethink.

(Military Advocacy is not affected by this change)

In the meantime, Essex Advocacy is no longer taking any new referrals for Non-Statutory Community Advocacy. Referrers should make their referrals directly to Rethink from July 6th onwards. Contact details for Rethink will be found on their website:

Thank you for your understanding as the service goes through this transition.

The partners currently providing the Essex Advocacy service (until 6th July) are shown below. Click on their logos to visit their websites.

What is Advocacy?

seAp Advocacy has produced a video explaining what advocacy is. Click the image below to play the video.

Making Referrals

If you are making a referral for Independent Care Act Advocacy (ICAA), please only continue with your referral if it is urgent (for example, if there is a safeguarding issue) or if it is imperative that the advocacy support should commence before 6th July. If that is not the case, please consider whether your referral can be put on hold until then.

If you are making an Independent Health Complaints Advocacy (IHCA) referral, please take into consideration that the NHS Complaints process can be very lengthy, so you might want to consider making your referral to Rethink after 6th July. If you still wish to proceed, we will send you a Self-Help Information Pack, but will not be able to support you through to the end of your case should you require direct support from an advocate.

To make a referral to Essex Advocacy, click here.

Contact details for making referrals to Rethink will be found on their website: