Mrs. DeMeester's


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Office Hours

Monday: 7:45-8:00 am; 3:30-3:45 pm

Tuesday: 7:45-8:0 0 am; 3:30-3:45 pm

Wednesday: 7:45-8:00 am; 1:30-2:00 pm

Thursday: 7:45-8:00 am; 3:30-3:45 pm

Friday: 7:45-8:00 am; 3:30-3:45 pm

By appointment

Materials (7-9 Social Studies)

Chromebook (Please charge every night)

Textbook (you must cover your book; DO NOT USE COVER TAPE)

Binder (for storing papers from class)

Pencils and/or blue or black pens

Colored pencils and ruler (may use from other classes)

Required Materials (Physical Education)

Clothing that allows mobility (different than clothes worn to school; NO JEANS)

Tennis shoes (different than ones worn to school; be sure there are no rocks in the tread)