Thank you to all dancers who auditioned. We are excited about the new teams and classes for our 2018-2019 school year. There is a place for everyone here at TPHS. If you auditioned and did not specify being placed in a class and would still like to be, you can send me an email and I will place you in a class. All the classes will be utilizing our coaches and guest choreographers.

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Sarah Kaye

Hello! I'm Sarah Kaye and this is my 10th year teaching dance at Torrey Pines High School. My resume includes 30 years of professional experience as a Choreographer, Performer and Dance Teacher. I have been a member of the Robert Henry Johnson, Della Davidson, Malashock and McCaleb dance companies in California. Additionally, I've worked with choreographers Joe Goode, Mary Reich, Pat Sandback and Scott Wells.

In 1990, I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Dance from San Diego State University and five years later, I was named Dance Alumna of the Year. I've been equally honored by the success of my TPHS graduates who are currently studying dance at Stanford, Philadelphia School of the Arts, UCLA and UC Irvine. All of us take pride in the success of TPHS teams that have won First, Second and Third place trophies in Regional and National competitions.

My continuing goal is to build an inclusive learning environment that encourages students to explore dance in a nurturing and collaborative environment.

Hobbies: Music, Art, Yoga, Live Performance, Traveling, Family

(858) 755-0125 ext. 2055


TPDT Audition Packet 2018 Final.pdf