Mrs. Tellers Sheltered World & U.S. History

My Philosophy for this course is for:

1. Students to become global learners and participants

2. Learn study skills: how to take notes, how to analyze difficult documents, how to speak professionally and eloquently in front of others, how to read more effectively and efficiently, how to work in group settings effectively

3. To make connections from the past to the present

4. Students to become more involved in civics and their communities

5. Students to learn about their own skills and learn from their mistakes to improve and grow in their own identity

6. Students to care about themselves, others and the world around them

7. Students to learn how to balance classes and their own personal lives (WELL BALANCED)

8. Students to find an interest in history through food, travel, culture

9. Students to start thinking about their passions and interests

10. Students to learn from the mistakes of history