SDUHSD Math Resources

2018-19 Department Goals

    • All math teachers will have an increased understanding of the vertical progression of concepts and skills in our curriculum.
    • Identify and address areas of curricular weakness and gaps in our instructional materials.
    • Develop and begin to implement a process to effectively provide interventions to support student learning within and outside of the class period.
    • Within each unit/module, teachers will effectively and appropriately use cooperative learning strategies and technology to support the learning of all students.
    • We will develop (by January 2019) and implement (by Spring 2019) clear placement recommendation criteria with multiple data points and processes for each course.

Find the Slides, resources, and links shared at district inservices and professional development meetings.

Share and search for technology-based strategies which develop students’ ability to collaborate effectively, think critically, create their own ideas, and communicate effectively in a variety of modes.

Examples include Desmos Classroom Activities, Geogebra, Quizlet, Google Slides, Google Docs, and more.

Share and search for cooperative learning activities shared by Shannon McCaw at the August Inservice. The goal of these activities is to enhance student learning and support the development of academic language.