Coach Lackey

My name is Dustin Lackey. I have been working at Canyon Crest Academy for over 10 years as a coach, teacher, and currently Athletic Director. I am very excited to come back to Pacific Trails as a PE teacher. I was honored to be a long term sub on the final weeks of Pacific Trail's first year. I hope to take me experiences as a coach and teacher at CCA and provide a great learning experience in my Physical Education classes at PTMS.

I have been instructing and coaching sports and physical fitness activities my entire working career. My goal as a Physical Education teacher is to develop ways to use physical fitness exercises as lifelong habits. My goal is to create a fun and creative way for students to experience PE. I believe that Physical Education is so important for students overall development.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my wife who is a nurse and former college soccer player. Along with Basketball, I love the ocean, being in the mountains, fish, and training. I am also the Girl's Varsity Golf coach, so golf is also a great passion of mine.