Who are the PALs

We are a group of student leaders that are passionate about CCA. Our mission is to help you love CCA as much as we do, by getting you connected on campus. We also have been trained in active listening and communication skills and will talk with you about whatever is on your mind. You can arrange to meet on campus in a safe space to hang out and talk about academic pressures, relationship issues, social dilemmas, anxiety, stress, experience with trauma, or anything else you might need.

We are a program devoted to the CCA students, and value CONFIDENTIALITY above all else.

Why PALs are here at CCA

PALs act as students leaders on campus with the goal of getting you connected to all the awesomeness that CCA has to offer. They are students who unselfishly donate their time, energy, and skills to helping students become part of the CCA community. The premise of PALs is that adolescence is a very difficult and challenging time of life. Often, students find that it is far easier to connect with and talk to another student rather than an adult. The PALs program was established in the fall of 2013.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the CCA PALs is to promote student wellness and facilitate student connections and encourage an open, safe, and positive high school community.

See us on social media!

We post updates on Instagram for every event! So, feel free to follow us @ccapals

Email our PALs advisor, John Unwin, if you have any questions!

Email: john.unwin@sduhsd.net