NHC Graduate Student Internship (West)

Welcome to the National Humanities Center Student Internship (West)

July 8-12, 2019 at San Diego State University, Digital Humanities Center (Library)

Modeled on the NHC's Triangle University Internship Program (TUIP), the National Humanities Center Internship West offers an immersive week-long workshop to train humanities graduate students to develop collaborative, public-facing, research-based humanities content using digital media. Participants will convene during the summer of 2019 at San Diego State University to collectively build a five-episode podcast series addressing an emerging issue of public concern through the lens of humanistic expertise, to be broadcast August 2019 on a partnering public radio station. Participants will be recruited from doctoral humanities programs in the western United States, especially those with expertise relevant to American communities of color.


  • Advance the democratic commitments of the professional humanities by inculcating in emerging humanities scholars a sense of responsibility to the human experience of diverse American publics.
  • Foster new models of expertise that are responsive both to the traditional authority-based credentialing systems of the professional humanities and to the emerging concerns of university-based and public constituencies.
  • Grow capacity for collaborative—team, interdisciplinary, cross-university—scholarship.
  • Extend the potential of the professional humanities to curate archives of human experience in a way that adds depth and understanding to contemporary public affairs and cultural conversations.

Participants will

  • Forge new intellectual connections between public life, humanities research, and responsive, digital media.
  • Deepen collaborative inquiry and project management skills.
  • Hone their ability to communicate humanities expertise in accessible and publicly-responsive formats.
  • Acquire conceptual and technical skills to create, revise, and publish broadcast-ready podcasts.
  • Develop skills and networks valuable within and beyond the university.


  • Andy Mink, Vice President for Education, National Humanities Center
  • Joanna Brooks, Associate Vice President for Faculty Advancement; Co-Founder, SDSU Digital Humanities Initiative
  • Pamella Lach, Digital Humanities Librarian and Director of the Digital Humanities Center; Incoming Co-Director, SDSU Digital Humanities Initiative