South Milwaukee

Middle School Library


The libraries in our South Milwaukee schools are dedicated to providing high quality learning experiences.

Our resources include books, research databases, and digital resources.

Look for an ebook or audiobook and check it out from your device

Look for a book and put a hold on it to pick it up at your school

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About Mrs. TierneyMrs. Tierney works in the Library. She LOVE Sports but Basketball is her favorite. She also loves sunflowers, jigsaw puzzles, reading and spending time with her family. She has two daughters and a dog named Blaze.If you ever need help finding a good book please ask Mrs. Tierney for recommendations when you come to visit! She also helps with any Chromebook problems you might be having. Mrs. Tierney can't wait to see all of you back in the middle school!
About Ms. SobolikMs. Sobolik has held books in her hands her entire life, and she hopes she can help you find a book that will introduce you to new places and people.Our library is our shared space for reading, learning, and creating. Please enjoy your time in both our school library and in Sora, our digital library.