First Grade Sight Words 2019-20

We have changed some of the sight words this year, because of our new phonics program. The words will be presented in units, instead of trimesters. Your child will bring home a sight word bags every few weeks. Please help practice the words at home. If your child can recognize the words, please practice spelling them orally and in written form.

Unit 1 (These are actually kindergarten words)

like, my, on, an, and, at, here, in, is, it, look, see, this, can, got, went, fun, by, will, do, she, to, we, did, for, get, play, up, you, all, as, ball, come, go, had, has, no & so

Unit 1- First Grade Words

his, said, saw, say, then, they, but, let, run, us & yes

Unit 2

big, eat, make, out, take, have, came, same, home, more, not, of, put, your, I'm, into, little, now, three, if, or & read

Unit 3

going, jump, never, there, where, any, today, very, back, best, just, think, with, than, that, when, was, could, from, mother, should, would, don't

Unit 4

away, each, easy, wait, last, near, need, next, been, about, down, house, our, know, school, much, such, two, who, few, because, high, might

Unit 5

over, their, under, want, were, family, find, kind, ask, them, things, walk, what, everyone, everything, myself, after, always, soon, enough, great, idea, often, pretty & until