Washington Middle Academic Society (WMAS) elevates a school's commitment to the values of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship and helps middle school students develop the knowledge and skills to become well-rounded student leaders in their school, community, and beyond.


What is WMAS?

WMAS, the Washington Middle Academic Society, was formerly known as "Honor Society". In this organization, we strive to volunteer in our community with openminded enthusiasm, uphold high academic honors, and be leaders to those around us. 

With excellent grades and recommendations from teachers, students are nominated to join WMAS. Students that are accepted into the society will learn various concepts during meetings throughout the year. Students will also have several opportunities to volunteer in the community. They will also receive direction in volunteering outside of the organization. 

If students want to continue the work done in WMAS, they may have the opportunity to apply for the High School organization, National Honor Society, NHS. This organization is a national chapter that upholds the same values as WMAS.