COVID-19 Safe Return to Learn Resources

Current Status

Currently we are not in a surge in the County or an outbreak at the school. This means masks are optional for students indoors and outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current mask requirements?

  • Currently masks are optional indoors and outdoors for students, but strongly recommended indoors.

What will happen if my student if COVID positive.

  • If a student tests positive for COVID-19 they must remain home for at least 5 days.

  • On the 6th day they can begin testing using a rapid-test and if they are negative they may return to school.

  • If they are positive on day 6 they can keep testing each day up till day 10. After day 10 they may return to school.

  • Students who return between day 6 through day 9 must wear a mask indoors and outdoors until day 10 and eat their lunch in a separate area.

Are masks available at the school?

  • Yes, both adult and kid size masks are available in the office and in the classrooms. Students may get a new mask at anytime.

What will happen if my student starts not feeling well while at school?

  • If students start showing any symptoms and it's not a pre-existing condition during the school day they will be sent to our office.

  • Office staff will check to see if the student has permission to be tested on-site. If they have permission to test on-site we will test them and if negative we will likely have them return to class. If we don't have permission to test them on-site or if they are positive we will call to have them picked-up from school.

  • They may return to school once they no longer have symptoms and test negative for COVID.

  • The school will provide more detailed information to you.

What will happen if my student is a close contact while at school to someone who is COVID positive?

  • If your student is exposed while at school SDGVA will contact you via ParentSquare to inform you about the exposure.

  • If students remain healthy they can continue coming to school.

  • If a student begins to experience symptoms after an exposure they will need be tested and must be negative in order to continue coming to school.

What safety measures is the school still taking?

  • SDGVA continues to follow all guidelines of the County health and County Office of Education and changes our mask policy depending on whether the county is in a surge or if the school is in an outbreak.

  • Students/staff who are COVID-19 positive must remain home for at least 5 days and up to 10 days until they can test negative with a rapid test.

  • We will continue to provide a safe and healthy learning environment by maintaining our other mitigation strategies of cleaning, handwashing, and optimal ventilation.

  • Classrooms and office spaces have higher levels of filtration in our HVAC systems and room air purifiers with HEPA filters that remove potentially harmful particles from the air.