#WPS E-Learning Day(s)

Welcome to the 2019-2020 #WPS E-Learning Page.

Click on your child's grade level (below) to see the activities to be completed per day.

You may contact your child's teacher via email (addresses provided below) for questions/clarifications.

For more information, click on this SD 92.5 District E-Learning Day site.

Westchester Primary School (#WPS) E-Learning Day(s):

Friday: December 06, 2019 (Trial E-Learning Day)

Special Education

Email Address(es):

Haley (Kindergarten)

Lawson (1st Grade)

Meyer (2nd Grade)

Eichinger (Social Work)

McDowell (Speech)

Xenakis (Speech)


Email Address(es):

Cerny (Library/Media)

Church (Reading)

Jacobsen (Reading)

Kayastha (Technology)

Lafin (Math)

Teacher Email Address(es):

Gibson (P.E.)

Holliday (Music)

Jacobsen (Art)