In reading, we will work on focus skills within literature and grammar. Every week, we will have a new set of spelling words focusing on a language (phonics) pattern. The students will be assessed with a quiz on Friday's on what they have learned. Each week we also do vocabulary from a mentor story. We will focus on four words from the mentor story. The students will be doing activities with those vocabulary words throughout the week. My teaching structure for reading is whole group lesson to introduce and engage with the weekly focus skills then a center model called Daily 5 for the students to gain independence and quality instruction time with me (in small group setting).


In writing, we learn all about the writing process. (Brainstorming, Planning, Drafting, Editing, Publishing) Each trimester we work on a new type of writing. The first trimester will be personal narratives. The second trimesters is opinion writing. The third trimester is informational text. Throughout the year, we will be using these types of writing with many assignments. The students will be able to write in a complete sentence to form a paragraph and eventually write an essay (five paragraphs). Writers all develop at their own level. My teaching structure is providing a writing workshop for my students. It is for them all to feel valued as writers. Each day the students will be writing. I will give them a mini-lesson on a writing goal. I will model the goal through mentor author or my own writing. The students will have time to write and conference with me to improve upon their writing. At the end of each trimester, the student will have their story. We do an author's celebration to share and celebrate the work we have completed!

Home-School Connection:

-Each week we do a reading log for the students. Feel free to read along with your child or have your child read to you. Always ask questions to your child about what they are reading.

-We have great programs like Battle of the Books and Imagination Destination.

-Writing/Typing is essential. Encourage writing and typing their writing as much as possible.

-PARCC is a standardized test taken in the Spring. It is very heavy with reading and writing. It is important to have the children feel confident and ready in their abilities to be able to type their writing and read long passages with answering comprehension questions.

If you have any questions along the way... Please feel free to reach out.

Happy Reading and Writing to All!