Welcome to Math with Mrs. K. Jones.

In District 92.5, we switch classes for mathematics. This is a class where the students are going to be exploring, engaging, and writing using mathematical concepts. There will be a math log each week to log in their practice at home with math. Basic math facts such as (addition and multiplication) are essential. We have a mathematical workshop model in our math class. I will teach a whole group lesson after the students will be going into their centers (math by myself, math with buddy, math games, and math technology). While the students are working within their centers, I work with a group of students to reinforce or reteach the lesson. My mathematical philosophy and goal for my students are to become critical thinkers. Therefore, I will be providing the tools for them to think of multiple of strategies and to be able to explain why or how they got to their answer.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to working with your family and your child.

Math Topics:

Topic 1: Numeration

Topic 2: Number Sense: Addition and Subtraction

Topic 3: Using Place Value to Add and Subtract