Class Procedures

Science Policies & Procedures

Welcome to 7th grade science. My name is Ms. Remez and I am very excited to have you in class this year. In 7th grade science we will explore chemistry and life science. This year, the science department is excited to continue our IQWST program. Our two units of study will be: What Is Going On Inside Me? and How Can I Make New Stuff From Old Stuff?

Grading Scale

A 92-100%

B 83-91%

C 74-82%

D 65-73%

F 64% and below

Classwork, homework, and science notebook assessment: 30%. The point values for these grades range from 5-10 per assignment.

Labs, projects, tests, & quizzes: 70%. Each of these grades will be out of 100.

To determine the grade the following formula is used:

  • Total assessment points x .7
  • Total classwork/homework grades x .3
  • The total of the 2 numbers above added together is the percentage the student earned in science.

When a student does not pass an assessment they will have the opportunity to earn a passing grade. A “Contract for Improvement Points” will be given to the student. They have two school days to make correct corrections to the assessment and obtain a parent/guardian signature on the form. If this is turned in the student’s grade for the assessment will be changed to a passing grade. If it is not corrected and signed, they will receive the original grade they earned. I am here to help you be successful. If you ever feel that you do not understand a concept or an assignment, please take responsibility for your learning and let me know. We can then schedule a time to meet outside of class.

Behavior Expectations

1. First violation-verbal warning

2. Second violation-parent from call from student or teacher

3. Continuation of behavior after a phone call has been made will result in a classroom detention.

4. Severe violation-Severe misbehavior such as fighting, verbal abuse, or any act of gross insubordination will be referred directly to the office.

*Note that if your name is written down by a substitute teacher for not following behavior expectations you may earn a lunch detention.


Homework is due at the beginning of the class period that it is due. The expectation is that you have your homework completed when it is due. Late work will be accepted one day after the due date for 50% credit per the district policy.


You are responsible for obtaining make-up work. If you are absent, you should check my Google classroom page for what you missed. If you missed handouts, go to the WHILE YOU WERE OUT bin. Each class has a folder, find your class period and the packet with your name on it. You are responsible for answering the warm up questions when you are absent. (This includes missing class for band or other school related absences.) The warm up question is part of the class slideshow that is on Google classroom. You have the number of days you were absent to make up the work. If an assignment was collected the day you were absent, it is your responsibility to turn it in the day you return to school.

Materials to Bring to Class

You will need to have the following materials with you each day in class:

  • Assignment notebook
  • Science binder
  • IQWST Workbook (I also call this SNB-science notebook)
  • Colored pencils or markers (not Sharpies or other markers that will bleed through the notebook pages)

Washroom/Hall/Water Fountain Passes:

The 7th grade policy states that you will be allowed to leave the classroom 10 times each quarter. This includes washroom, water fountain, and locker. You MUST have your assignment notebook with you in order to leave the classroom. Your assignment notebook is your hallway pass. Once you have used your passes for the semester you will not be allowed to leave for any of these reasons. Use your passes wisely.

Start of Class:

At the beginning of each class period, directions will be listed on the board. Students are responsible for writing down the question and the answer each day. These will be checked periodically for a classwork grade.

I look forward to a great year with you! Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions!