Quarantine of the downtown east-side (Vancouver)

With the steady incline of people in Vancouver and the lack of housing being built, homelessness is on the rise. These people are being quarantined to the downtown east side and being forced to live in tent cities, homeless shelters and even homemade tarped structures. With little to no funding and almost no assistance, these people are struggling to make ends meet.

The future of BC is terrifying, for one reason; none of the political parties have substantially addressed these issues. Increasing welfare rates $100.00 a month? To $715.00 a month? $915 for people with disabilities? That cant even afford a one bedroom suite rental in most of the province.

What exactly, is the disconnect? Is it the salaries of MLAs, or their huge housing allowance? There are no words to describe how sad it is to live in a wealthy country and a wealthy province that thinks it is okay to spend billions on maintaining the poverty status quo. It is even more disheartening to realize they simply don't concern themselves to even debate and discuss the issue of poverty and homelessness.

The point is that they simply don't want the disabled or homeless to prosper. It sounds brutal but this is the truth; they want them gone or dead. How can somebody thrive when their lives are demoted to the streets? The public says horrible things about them, yet I just can't shake the horror of seeing women in their 60s and 70s, who have multiple disabilities and are in wheelchairs, being thrown on the street to die. What kind of depraved people in Vancouver find this totally acceptable?