Washington Elementary School


Facts about Washington Elementary School

  • George Washington Elementary school is over 50 years old
  • The school, which serves fourth and fifth graders, is operating above capacity.
  • Enrollment has increased 33% since 2008. The school currently serves over 320 students and trending up.
  • Limited space has forced reading teachers to deliver instruction from mobile carts.
  • The media center, reading rooms, art and music classes are located in the basement, with no natural light. This area has flooded in the past.
  • Band lessons occur in a makeshift area by the maintenance room.
  • Instruction and collaboration are inhibited due to both the amount of space and the type of classrooms in the building.

Vision for Washington Elementary School

  • Address basic infrastructure needs and rising enrollment.
  • Provide more space for students to enhance learning and instruction.
  • Create a flexible 21st century learning environment that encourages innovation and collaboration.
  • Improve Washington School so that D81 students can attend modern, dynamic schools from Pre-K through eighth grade.