So, things are a little different around here...

We've gone digital for the time being and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't the teeniest bit nervous about the challenge. Although I already miss seeing your faces in person, I think we're up to the challenge! Please be patient with me as I learn and I will do the same!

Parent Connections + Involvement

Hey parents! Use the link above to find out how you can stay connected and involved in our new adventure!

Need a face-2-face meeting with Mrs. Hymanyk

Use the link above to schedule a time for a video or phone meeting with Mrs. Swanson!

Super Awesome
Learning Resources

At the link above, you will find a list of the amazing resources we are using to support learning this year!

Join our weekly Meet!

Please look at the Resource page of my website, there you will find a link for Google Meet. If you click on the image, you will be sent to a link where you are able to video or audio chat with me. This link is for both students and parents. As a class we will be meeting weekly on this platform for mini-lessons and/or just to connect. This platform allows for the entire class to connect at the same time.