Programs and Classrooms

We're a small school with big ideas. There are tonnes of opportunities, from writing to robotics to music to circus, from student leadership to volleyball to soccer. All our classes and programs are amazing, and some of them have websites and mission documents for your perusal. Enjoy!

This year, we have created a registration form that covers all of our dynamic programs at SIMS: The Late French Immersion, MYSEEC, our place-based nature program, as well as our Regular Academic program. Please use our new registration form to apply for any of these programs.

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Aboriginal Education in School District No. 64 (Gulf Islands) is dedicated to supporting the success of Aboriginal learners in our school district, as well as promoting a deep awareness of Aboriginal culture and history among all students.

Tsunami Circus is both an exploratory course open to all students and a performing troupe. We engage in all areas of circus performance, with an emphasis on wellness, creativity, self-expression, safety, and fun!

The Middle Years Shared Ecological Education Centre (MYSEEC) is a place-based, constructivist, ecologically informed program at SIMS. Our two classes of MYSEEC students are often out exploring our natural world, gaining a broad range of skills and competencies for our rapidly changing world.

SIMS Music programs are in full swing! Under the direction of Keith Ollerenshaw, Concert Bands, Jazz Bands and Choirs are tuning up for a great season of learning, performing, and touring.

In French Immersion, French is used in the classroom for communication by teachers and students in a variety of contexts and subject matters. The goal is to develop a high level of oral fluency and literacy, encompassing listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Welcome to my classroom! We will be growing our minds this year with explorations into all of the subject areas en fran├žais. Ce sera fantastique! We will learn together this year within a climate of curiosity, compassion, and critical thinking. I can't wait to meet you and get started on a new school year here on beautiful Saltspring Island.

Mme Wiigs' Grade 7/8 French Immersion class is full of energy, creativity, costumes, characters, and French. Lots of French!

Mme San Martin's Grade 6 French Immersion class brings students into the Immersion fold, featuring lots of thoughtful language learning, and comfort in a brave new language world.

The somewhat peculiar, semi-constructivist, technologically informed Grade 6/7 classroom of Mr Woollcombe. In a room full of bright minds, nascent robots, upcycled computers and art, we make, we build; we are the digital natives.

This is a multi-year major robotics project from the SIMS robotics club and community partners, in cooperation with the Jet Propulsion Lab.