Mayne Island School

At Mayne Island School, we believe in a community of learners. Every individual in the community is special. Everyone has gifts and deserves to explore and share their gifts with others in a safe, respectful and fun environment. We encourage exploration, teamwork, compassion and understanding at all times. We support individuality, creativity and a strong holistic relationship with nature.

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Daily Schedule

Day Starts: 8:40

Recess: 10:07 – 10:20

Lunch: 12:05 – 12:50

Recess: 2:00 – 2:10

Day Ends: 3:30

StrongStart (ELF) Program:

Monday and Thursday from 9am - 12pm by advance sign up. Please contact to register.

Built on a foundational culture of responsibility, care, service and respect, all staff collaborate to collect evidence of learning achievement for the development of individual learning profiles. With a deep understanding of the individual needs/strengths of each learner, instructional staff use evidence-based strategies to provide targeted, specific and timely interventions to help learners meet clearly defined learning targets.

Mayne Island School

535 Fernhill Road,

Mayne Island, B.C., V0N 2J2

Tel: 250-539-2371

Fax: 250-539-2325


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Amy Dearden Principal

Kadek Okuda Teacher

Sara Bowles Teacher

Allyson Van Impe Child and youth care worker

Stephanie McBurney Strongstart Facilitator

Jeff MacPherson Educational Assistant

Katja Korinth Admin. Assistant

Roberto Gaudet Building Services

Blair Smith Plant Services

Janelle Lawson School Trustee