Division 5

with Ms. Windle and Mrs. Porter

Welcome to Division 5's home page. Our classroom has grade 4 and 5 students at Keating Elementary and the classroom teachers are Ms. Windle and Mrs. Porter. Ms. Windle is in the classroom Monday to Thursday and teaches Language Arts, Math, Physical Education, and Personal & Social Responsibility. Mrs. Porter is in the classroom about 35% of the time and teaches French, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, and Fine Arts.

In our classroom we have an agreed upon set of beliefs that we all follow to make our learning space the best place it can be.

We believe:

  • Be our best selves - have a good attitude, be ourselves, try new things, and challenge ourselves
  • Be a good citizen - practice patience, show kindness, help those in need, work cooperatively
  • Be fair – take what we need- not what we want, understand that fair is not always equal - but is everyone getting what they need.
  • Be respectful - show respect to others, act courteously, listen attentively to the speaker, speak kindly, take care of our place
  • Be safe - take care of yourself and others, solve problems peacefully, think before taking action

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